WonderBuilders offers a range of services to clients related to the Open Wonderland virtual world platform. Please contact us to discuss your custom software development, consulting, hosting, training, or support needs.

Virtual World Education Platform

The WonderBuilders Virtual World Education Platform enables customers to offer immersive learning experiences in authentic 3D settings. Browse our Portfolio for examples of how this platform has been used in different disciplines. Read more in our full Virtual World Education Platform Whitepaper

Custom Software Development

The Open Wonderland toolkit is designed to create special-purpose virtual worlds, much the same way as the “web toolkit” (including such things as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Flash, etc.) can be used to create highly specialized web sites. Almost any type of virtual world can be created with the Open Wonderland toolkit. With our deep understanding of all aspects of the Wonderland architecture, we are uniquely positioned to develop custom worlds and extensions for you in the shortest possible time.

Virtual World Design and Construction

We can assist with the design, and development of a custom virtual world to meet the needs of your organization. Our design services include refining user requirements, developing a compelling user experience, 3D modeling and animation, world building, and testing.


Contact us if you need help or advice with your Open Wonderland project. We can assist you with topics such as thinking through the architectural design of a custom Wonderland extension, deciding on the best strategy for integrating with your existing software, or planning the most effective way to deploy a Wonderland service. We also have deep expertise in distance collaboration, distributed team work, and distance education and are able to help you develop an effective strategy in each of these areas.

Open Wonderland Hosting

One advantage of Open Wonderland is that it can be run either behind a firewall or on the open Internet. If you lack the system administration resources to host your own Open Wonderland server or would like to experiment with an installation outside your organization, we offer competitively-priced Open Wonderland hosting in the “cloud.”

Open Wonderland Training

We are able to provide Open Wonderland training for developers, system administrators, or end users. Training sessions can be tailored to your organization’s particular needs.

  • Developer Training – Example training topics include: overview of the system architecture, getting started developing custom modules, integrating Wonderland with external software, data, or web services.
  • System Administrator Training – Topics include: basics of setting up a Wonderland server, using the System Administration console, configuring security, configuring telephony.
  • End User Training – Topics include: Open Wonderland fundamentals, the basics of world building, making the most of Google SketchUp and the Google 3D Warehouse, strategies for building effective collaboration spaces

Open Wonderland Support

We can provide back-line support for your Open Wonderland installation, assisting with both developer and system administration tasks and issues.