Alternative Navigation Tool Improves Ease of Use

To improve usability and help users maneuver around virtual spaces, WonderBuilders has added a new navigation capability.

Patient Safety Prototype Shown at Vision Conference

Yesterday Nicole Yankelovich, WonderBuilders CEO and Michael Foss, Dean of SIMS Medical Center at Springfield Technical Community College, demonstrated a prototype of a new Patient Safety simulation.

Patient Safety Demo at Vision Project Conference

WonderBuilders Enters MassChallenge Competition

As part of growing the VMed Learning Space business, WonderBuilders has entered the MassChallenge start-up competition. The VMed Learning Space substantially enhances communication and teamwork skills training for nurses and other health professionals. By providing medical programs with virtual clinical settings, VMed Learning Space enables students to polish their bedside manner, practice working in teams, and rehearse procedures ranging such as shift change protocols or assisting in the operating theater.

STCC ESL Learning Environment Press Release

STCC Awarded $549,458 Grant For Virtual ESL Instruction

Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) was recently awarded a $549,458 grant from the National Science Foundation. The project, entitled “Exploring the Virtual World of Contextualized English Language Acquisition,” will help English as a Second Language (ESL) students practice and expand their English skills in a low-pressure virtual setting. STCC submitted the proposal as part of a partnership with WonderBuilders, Inc.

30 new Singapore-made games coming your way

To help developers market and pitch their games to potential publishers, the GSC introduced a 3D virtual world known as the Singapore Games Village. Locally developed games can be showcased in the Village to prospective publishers who can then select the titles which they wish to license. (Games Village developed by WonderBuilders)

WonderBuilders Contributes New Modules

It’s been a busy summer at the newly formed WonderBuilders partnership. This is a new consulting company doing for-profit, custom Open Wonderland development for clients. Our hope in starting this small business was that a number of us from the original Wonderland team, augmented with members of the open source community, could make a living by doing proprietary Wonderland development. We believe that by focusing on specific customer use cases, we can improve the robustness and stability of the platform for everyone…


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