VMed Learning Spaces

Communication problems are implicated in a high percentage of medical errors. WonderBuilders VMed Learning Spaces substantially enhance communication and teamwork skills training for doctors, nurses, and other health professionals. By providing medical programs with virtual clinical settings, VMed Learning Spaces enable students to polish their bedside manner, practice working in teams, and rehearse procedures such as shift change protocols or assisting in the operating theater.

Virtual ICU

This learning space features a virtual intensive care unit (ICU) with an adjacent observation and collaboration room. The adjacent room, which is sound-proof, includes a one-way window so that instructors can observe students practicing procedures without being seen or heard.

Observing role-play in ICU

Students practicing skills and procedures in the ICU cannot see or hear the observers.

Role-play in ICU

Students can do other activities in the ICU such as practice reading x-rays and identify heart rhythms on simulated heart monitors.

Looking at x-rays

Or they can rehearse patient hand-offs.

Practicing shift change

Virtual Outpatient Clinic

In the virtual outpatient clinic, students can practice a wide range of skills, including patient interview skills.

Handing off a patient

Like the ICU, the clinic has a sound-proof observation room so faculty can easily assess student performance in the simulations and role-play activities.

Instructor observing patient interview

To experience the VMed Outpatient Clinic live, contact us for a live tour or visit a version of the space on the Open Wonderland community server. After logging in, navigate to the space by selecting “SIMS Medical Outpatient Clinic” from the Placemarks menu. For instructions on how to connect to the community server see the Public Servers web page.