Instructor observing patient interview Practicing shift change

VMed Learning Spaces

Virtual facilities for training healthcare professionals

Alternative Navigation Tool Improves Ease of Use

To improve usability and help users maneuver around virtual spaces, WonderBuilders has added a new navigation capability.

Patient Safety Prototype Shown at Vision Conference

Yesterday Nicole Yankelovich, WonderBuilders CEO and Michael Foss, Dean of SIMS Medical Center at Springfield Technical Community College, demonstrated a prototype of a new Patient Safety simulation.

WonderBuilders Announces New Features

New animation and “best view” features enhance WonderBuilders’ virtual environments, making them more dynamic and interactive.

What is Open Wonderland?

Open Wonderland is a toolkit for creating 3D virtual worlds. Just as you can create any web site using the “web toolkit” of html, css, and web scripting, with Open Wonderland you can craft a wide range of virtual world applications and experiences. Those who are technically inclined can develop and host their own Wonderland worlds. For everyone else, WonderBuilders is available to help create and host the ideal virtual world tailored to your needs.

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